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Agave blue glow

1. Agave: These succulents have thick leaves that store water. There are many species of agave that would thrive in a Tucson, Arizona, garden, and they come in a range of variety and size. 


Smooth Agave

2. Arizona Cypress: This is a fast-growing tree that loves the heat. Making it a top pick to incorporate into you xeriscape project


Red Yucca


3. Red Yucca: Despite its name, the red yucca is not actually a true yucca. Its long, slender, blue-green leaves may look like yucca plant leaves, and its towering flowers bloom red in summer, creating a beautiful, vibrant addition to your landscape.





4. Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea thrives in Arizona’s heat and arid climate. It is an incredibly colorful flowering plant that will create a tropical oasis in your backyard.

Purple Santa Rita Prickly Pear



5. Prickly Pear Cactus: A quintessential Arizona plant, this cactus offers large, paddle-like leaves and stunning, yellow, red, or purple flowers in the spring and summer.



6. Palo Verde Tree: A tree well known in the desert Southwest, this is a fantastic, hardy tree for xeriscaping, blooming with yellow flowers in the spring.

Indian Fig Prickly Pear



Brittle Bush



7. Brittlebush: Brittlebush produces yellow flowers that contrast beautifully against its silvery-gray leaves, which is perfect for a pop of color.




Texas Sage

8. Texas Sage: Also known as barometer bush, Texas sage is a hardy, silver-leafed shrub that bursts with purple flowers after monsoon rains.



Elf Aloe

9. Blue Elf Aloe: This is a smaller aloe species, making it perfect for filling in smaller spaces or for container gardens.





10. Angelita Daisy: For bright color all year round, Angelita  daisies are a great option, they feature beautiful yellow blooms against their dark green leaves.

Angelita Daisy



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