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What is passive irrigation?

Passive water harvesting or irrigation is the practice of slowing water down to allow it to soak into the ground. With simple terrain adjustments (or “earthworks”) that catch and direct rainwater runoff, rainwater can be used beneficially, encouraging plant growth in landscapes and natural areas, healing eroded areas and can even reduce the need to irrigate with tap water. 

Goals of passive irrigation:

  •  Slow down runoff

  •  Spread the water out

  •  Soak the water in

Here in the desert, this can be a useful resource in order to reduce our water consumption and keep our plants happy.  Oh and not to mention it saves you money! 

Xeriscapes are rising in popularity in Arizona. Redirecting your rainwater runoff through dry creeks and swells gives interest and dimension to your landscape while benefiting your plants. Tap water strips the soil of nutrients your plants need while rain water provides your plants with beneficial natural nutrients

Dry creeks, like the one in the photo example, direct the water close to the plants. The rocks in the creek bed act as speed bumps, which slows the water flow allowing it to soak into the ground and supply  the nearby plants. Dry creeks will create a focal point and aesthetic value while creating the illusion of water. 

This is just one way to capture and spread the water to your plants. There are other techniques used, creating basins around plants and trees or creating mounds or swells to divert and redirect the water. 

Rebates are offered for passive water harvesting through the City of Tucson. To learn more about it check out the link here:

Rainwater harvesting rebates

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