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Xeriscape (zeh·ri·skeip)

A landscape design using efficient irrigation and drought tolerant plants.

Xeriscaping is a great way to create a landscape design that can be both colorful and water conscience. It allows your landscape to be more cohesive with our natural desert environment. In Tucson we can be outdoors year round, so why not enhance your outdoor space? If you “plant” your xeriscape right, you could have color year round!

Thinking of drought tolerant plants, I am sure your mind goes immediately to cactus.  Right!? We are in the desert after all, so why not! Although cactus are a great accent to any xeriscape, there are plenty of drought tolerant trees, shrubs and groundcovers you can choose to enhance your landscape and bring in color and softness. Boulders, decomposed granite and landscape lighting are also great ways to make your xeriscape complete.

Here are a few examples of Xeriscapes: