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Lawn overseeding

Have a Bermuda lawn? Bermuda is a warm season grass and will go dormant in the cold months. So, in order to keep it green you will need to overseed! Allowing your lawn to go dormant could result in winter weeds. Rye grass is fast germinating and will quickly establish a ground cover that protects your lawn from annual winter weeds.

When is the right time?

  • Perennial rye grass seed germinates best when the nights are a maximum of 60 degrees and daytime temperatures are 90 degrees or less.

  • On the average, a favorable time to start rye grass is October 1– 15.

Overseeding process:

  • Little by little lower mowing heights over each mowing cycles until your reach 3/4″ with a rotary mower or 1/2″ with a reel mower.

  • Turn water off to your lawn 3-5 days prior to overseeding.

  • When the glass is dry use a thatch rake, power rake or verticutter to remove thatch, this allows the rye seed to reach the soil.

  • Apply seed rye grass at a rate of 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

  • Sow seed either by hand or use a mechanical spreader for even coverage.

  • Apply a starter fertilizer to the soil after the seed has been put down.

  • Cover the seed and fertilizer with a topping to retain moisture and hide the seeds from the birds.